Skyler Paltell

Skyler Paltell
  • Hometown: Baltimore, MD
  • Major(s): English
  • Archived Blogger

About Skyler Paltell

Skyler Paltell graduated in 2015 from William & Mary with a degree in English. During her undergraduate years, Skyler was involved in Greek Life, Residence Life, and the Admission Office, and could usually be found somewhere around Lake Matoaka.

After graduation, Skyler moved to Colorado to begin a career in college admission at Colorado College, a small, highly selective liberal arts college in Colorado Springs, CO. Though she loves her job and the adventures that post-graduate life brings, Skyler misses W&M every day and hopes to soon return.

Posts by Skyler Paltell


The more you talk to students about why they chose William & Mary, the more you start to see a theme: when they set

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“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” – Jack Kerouac, On the Road As a recent graduate

Why W&M?

As we prepare to release admission decisions at Colorado College, it’s got me thinking that decision release is coming up at W&M as well.

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Exactly a year ago, I began my post-college job search. A little late for some, I know, especially if you’re in the business school

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Over and Out

It’s quiet on campus. A little too quiet, actually, because the school year is over, and most everyone is home, with the exception of