Making Movies on Location

By Meara Carlin ’22, Morgan Sanders ’22, and Chuck Bailey

As summer runs ever onward the Structural Geology & Tectonics Research Group continues to work on its various research and outreach efforts. We’ve been making movies on location in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our intention is to make a collection of educational and fun videos that describe the geology underfoot at scenic and well-visited locales.

We’re well on our way with our efforts at the Blue Ridge Tunnel near Rockfish Gap. Since this rail trail opened to the public in late 2020, it’s become a popular destination. This 4,237-foot long tunnel, designed by French emigre Claudius Crozet, is an engineering marvel that was cut through the Blue Ridge Mountains in the 1850s. The Claudius Crozet Blue Ridge Tunnel Foundation helped make the trail a reality and they’ve produced excellent signage documenting the human history of the tunnel.

The tunnel provides a unique and spectacular route in which to see bedrock geology, structural geology, and hydrology. W&M Geology field trips now make the tunnel a regular stop on our Blue Ridge excursions. This summer our goal is to bring the geology of the tunnel to life for visitors without any geological training.

So, without further ado, here are a few short videos that set the stage for our forthcoming field guide, a new website, and a video guide to the geology of the Blue Ridge Tunnel.

Here’s low-key video that introduces our research team members (B to the 7th).

And finally, a sneak peek of some of the outtakes from filming at specific sites in the tunnel and along the trail.

Stay tuned to the William & Mary Geology’s wmgeomovies YouTube channel for further video releases about the geology and landscape of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

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