Student-led Publications that Accept Creative Work: A Non-Exhaustive List

One of the main reasons I chose to go to William & Mary over other universities was because of their literary magazines. W&M is home to many amazing publications that cover various niches: fashion, music, you name it. As a creative writer and aspiring photographer, getting involved with litmags as a college student was a big goal of mine.

However, I knew very little about W&M’s journals before coming here. In fact, the only information I had was this Wikipedia page. Once I began my first semester, I realized that this list was outdated. It also fails to describe the events that each publication’s organizations host on campus.

With that said, I’ve compiled a list of the most notable active publications on campus, which all accept creative work (whether it be fiction, poetry, or visual art). More information about the magazines mentioned below can be found in their Instagram accounts (in parentheses) and on TribeLink. Note that this list is not comprehensive and it best encompasses the state of W&M’s litmags during its writing in Spring ’23.

The Gallery (@thegallerywm)

The Gallery is a multimedia journal that accepts writing and art of any genre through their email, Their large, dedicated masthead also host a semesterly open mic night to showcase student creatives. Members of The Gallery’s associated organization typically meet weekly to discuss submissions. Check out examples of their past issues.

William & Mary Review (@wmreview)

Having been founded in 1962, The William & Mary Review is the oldest active literary publication of W&M. Like The Gallery, they accept a broader range of creative works. They currently have a small but dedicated group of staff who publish one print and online edition every semester. Find The Review’s submission page.

Flat Hat Magazine (@flathatmagazine)

The Flat Hat is known as the university’s newspaper publishing powerhouse. But did you know that they also print and digitally publish a semesterly magazine with creative writing, photography, and opinion pieces? The theme for their upcoming Spring 2023 edition is Reflections. The Flat Hat Magazine is currently taking submissions of microfiction (100-200 word stories) based on the Mulan song of the same name. To submit to the magazine, pitch your work to

Acropolis (@acropolis_wm)

Acropolis is a small semesterly publication with an art history niche. They publish ekphrastic writing (works inspired by art), visual works, and commentary based around a specific theme. The theme for this semester’s issue is “floral.” If you’re an art enthusiast, consider submitting work by email: If you need a better idea of what they publish, check out their Spring 2022 issue.

The Dog Street Journal (@dogstreetjournalwm)

The Dog Street Journal is a smaller magazine that prints monthly. They also have a website where online articles are posted periodically. Although DSJ mostly publishes pieces on pop culture and on-campus events, their site includes a section called “Creative Musings,” which is meant for creative writing. For questions and submissions, reach out to their email,

Underground (@undergroundwm)

Another small but mighty publication is Underground, which offers marginalized W&M students (particularly students of color) a place to share artwork and writing, both in print and online. They accept submissions through their email, Currently, they are looking for models for their Spring 2023 issue: sign up here!

Vinyl Tap (@vinyltapmag)

Vinyl Tap Magazine is the publication of WCWM 90.9 FM, aka W&M’s student-run radio station. As their name suggests, they publish articles and creative work centered around music and music-based subcultures. On campus, you may find yourself being interviewed by one of Vinyl Tap’s many contributing members, or see a live show hosted by them. They put out a print and digital edition each semester. Check out Vinyl Tap’s website for their past issues and famous haiku album reviews.

ROCKET (@rocketmag)

ROCKET is the self-described “premier art, fashion, and culture publication” of W&M. As an organization, they host runway shows and recruit students for magazine modeling positions. They print every semester and publish frequently on their blog. ROCKET is the best publication to get involved in if you enjoy writing about fashion (or are looking for a place to show off your outfits). Find their blog submission form.

The Botetourt Squat (@botetourtsquat)

The Botetourt Squat is William & Mary’s infamous satire newspaper. In addition to their website, they print a physical paper every two weeks. They specialize in absurdist, Internet-based humor that pokes fun at William & Mary’s happenings. If you’re interested in pitching to The Squat, send your submission to

LIPS (@lipswm)

Once the final project of Gender Studies major Annie Brown, LIPS is now a multimedia zine with an intersectional focus on sexuality. LIPS publishes a print and online issue each semester. As an organization, they also run a lot of fun events on campus, such as drag shows and art workshops. If you enjoy making collages and playlists, consider sending some of your work to them! LIPS’s linktree has the Spring 2023 issue submission form, along with various academic and club-related resources.

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