Dear Life, Please Slow Down

I am currently struggling with the task of accepting the following statement: there is less than one week left in the semester. Less than three weeks and I am no longer a collegiate freshman. I apologize for recently being an MIA blogger, but wrapping my brain around this concept in the midst of preparing for the last of my exams (before finals) has made me very flustered.

Let me just say that the past few weeks have been a whirlwind! There is so much to do at William & Mary- especially in the spring. Between classes and studying, track practice and securing a summer internship (woohoo!), the last month has certainly been demanding but I’ve taken some time to de-stress. Here is a short recap of the fun things I’ve done.

Three Fridays ago, the hip hop artists K’Naan, Wale, and John Forte came to the Matoaka Amphitheatre at William & Mary for an outdoor concert between concerts in Philly and Atlanta on the their 9-date tour. 2,000 students came out for the event sponsored by AMP (Alma Mater Productions), the College’s campus event programming board. The next day I went canoeing with a friend on Lake Matoaka and we recapped the concert- general consensus- it was fantastic. Sunday night, some friends from my dorm organized a “Dorm Olympics” where everyone partnered up and participated in various events. The 7 events ranged from piggy-back to puzzle races and one of the boys in my hall made a recap video, which we watched the next weekend (which was a pretty quiet one, as I had a big English essay to write).

This past weekend was bittersweet. On Friday night, The Barrett Cotillion and the Kings & Queens dances were both a blast, but on Saturday, my parents made the trip from good old Jersey to my dorm. We packed the car with my bike and various items from my dorm that won’t fit when they come again to move me out of my freshman dorm for good in a matter of weeks (tear, tear… seriously). Two of my bookshelves are gone, as are some of my frames and decorations. My missing trinkets remind me that I am a freshman at W&M for the next 15 days. 5 more track workouts at Zable Stadium, 4 more final exams, 3 more days of class, 2 more weekends to hang out with friends, 1 end to a fabulous year.

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