Because You Only Live Once…(The Car)

4:45pm: We are all done with interviews for the day and are gearing up for a spontaneous road trip down to the Outerbanks, NC. Greg has been coming into my office every twenty minutes shouting a countdown til departure.

4:46pm: We want to leave early to get our bags packed but Kelley isn’t back from the tour yet.. should we go?

4:47pm: Tom just arrived from his UCAB retreat. It’s only been a weekend without him but it feels like it’s been an entire semester. We have a group hug in the hallway and catch up.

4:55pm: Carrie and I sneak out five minutes early. I stuff a bathing suit, toothbrush, camera, and William and Maryopoly into my bag. Who needs anything else?

5:20pm: The five of us (Greg, Carrie, Kelley, Austin and I) all jump in the car and set off on 64 towards Newport News. The road trip has officially begun.

5:45pm: We film the first installment of our amateur road trip video. We decide that people who don’t know us will think that we are really really weird.

6:20pm: We pass through the Border Station which separates Virginia from North Carolina. Only an hour away!

6:57pm: We begin jamming out to Bleeding Love – Carrie begins to re-enact the dance from “So You Think You Can Dance”

6:58pm: We are still jamming and Carrie is still dancing.

7:35pm: We have arrived – we run onto the beach only to realize that the sun is setting fast. We rush back to the car to make it to Jockey’s Ridge.

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