Exciting Week in BurgVegas

This week is going to be awesome.  There are several reasons why:

# 1.  Kitten. I recently found out that you can adopt a kitten for two weeks from our local animal shelter and I don’t think I’ve been more excited all summer.  My housemates and I have already decided we will name her Annie as we have deemed our house The Orphanage,  since all we do is run around like parentless children and complain about how we don’t have any food or money. Anyway, I think Annie will probably be the best friend I’ve ever had because she will have to hang out with me.

#2. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I am seeing the Harry Potter movie tonight at 7 with a few of the other interns and we are PUMPED.  Seeing as how I will be skipping Corona Night at Paul’s (That’s when you can get Coronas for one dollar….ONE DOLLAR PEOPLE), my level of devotion to this event should be obvious.  No, I am not going to be one of those freaks who dresses up (Ryan Eickel) but I am going to be one of those freaks who will elbow young children to get a good seat!

#3. Visitors! My dad and my good friend from home are both visiting this weekend. We have had visitors every weekend this summer except for one, so by this point we have it down to a routine.

My dad, because he thinks he is still 21, is insisting on ‘reliving the college lifestyle’ so he will be staying in my house on the floor and hosting a cookout for all my friends. I always love it when my family visits, especially since I don’t get to see them as often as I like and I won’t be home again until November. My dad’s visit should be particularly awesome because he’s a total nerd who isn’t aware of it (something we obviously don’t have in common) and I really enjoy hanging out with him and showing off my friends and my college. Like I’ve mentioned before, the last time my parents were up here for any significant amount of time was 3 weeks into my freshman year, so this time I’m confident I’ll be able to show him more than just my dorm room in Yates and the Caf. And as for my friend Philip, I think he’s looking forward to his visit, but I think it might actually be because he’ll get to hang out with my dad; like I said before, my dad thinks he’s a bro and consequently has become best friends with all my bro friends from home. Either way, I’m excited for the week/weekend!

PS. Thanks to everyone who has kindly donated toilet paper since my last blog entry. I didn’t realize how pathetic I sounded, but I’m too poor to turn down free toilet paper. A list of things I will also accept: free food and free alcohol. Thanks for your charity!

P.P.S. BurgVegas is a working title.

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