The End…Except It Better Not Be

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for about a week, but life at W&M has kept me busy and away from my computer for a while.

My last day as a summer intern was almost a week ago: Friday, August 15, 2008. Sad sad day. About half of the interns are still around this week wrapping things up and giving nonstop tours, but Friday was our last day all together. Things were sappy and sentimental around the office, and I think we all kind of surprised ourselves at just how upset we were that summer as we knew it was ending. Inter-intern thank you notes were sent out, Tom made a Summer Interns 2008 CD for everyone (and those 19 songs have been on repeat on my itunes ever since), and countless emails (mass emails? who? us?) were traded back and forth counting up good times #1 through #3850493854905 (approximately).

internhuddleSo, while there were a million hilarious inside jokes of the summer and countless unforgettable quotes, it’s ones like these that really top the list as priceless…

“I would not trade this summer for all the beer at the Leafe, all the townies in Paul’s, all of the cheesefries at College, or even all of the hoagies at Wawa. I hope you guys know what you have gotten yourselves into by becoming friends with me because I’ll probably become out of control obsessed with you. We also need to all plan on going to all of Beth’s Wren 10’s, Green and Gold with Sammerz, Carrie’s Kickboxing, Marques’ graduation, Katie’s classes, Lauren’s seminars, and so on and so forth.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better summer and I have all of you to thank for that.”


“Thanks for being part of what I consider my best summer.”


I told all my tours that day about how bummed I was to leave the office, the interns and my job, and I’m not sure they quite understood, but I seriously hope at least a few could catch a glimpse of what I’ve been telling my tours and interviewees all summer: what it is that happens when you come to this school.

I’m now in the middle of a busy Orientation training week, and — like a big sappy loser — I’ve been back to the office twice already and I even skipped out on Orientation staff dinner to eat with a couple of interns.

And ok, I have to run back to more training in a minute, but one last thing. This morning a friend of mine asked, “Do you think you guys, the interns, will still hang out this year?”


Are you kidding me?

Love you guys. Like crazy.

~S. 3000 🙂

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