TWAMPY Teens and Coffee Beans

By Abby Shusterman ’23

I am a junior double majoring in English Literature and Linguistics. As a coffee addict, I enjoy exploring the various cafes and bakeries in the Williamsburg area and I am excited to share some of my favorite spots near campus. While dining hall coffee is an easy option, there are tastier alternatives. I recommend the Daily Grind next to the Sadler Center or Swem-Aromas located inside Swem Library. Both coffee shops are owned by Williamsburg’s Aromas Cafe on Prince George St. They offer a variety of baked goods, jumbo cookies, and a lot of unique coffee choices. Popular drinks include their chai and vanilla lattes, coffee smoothies, and shaken iced teas. Aromas has a larger food and drink menu and nice outdoor seating. Additionally, the Integrated Science Center (ISC) has a Starbucks on the main floor. While students cannot use their Starbucks cards here, dining dollars allow us to grab our favorite drinks.

Walkable cafes off campus include Illy, an Italian coffee company on Dog Street, and The Bake Shop, a trendy bagel store on Armistead Ave. These cafes are pricier, but their drinks are definitely worth it. I love Illy’s iced mochas! If you are able to drive, Tipsy Beans Cafe also offers a variety of unique drinks and breakfast options — their iced lavender latte is pretty popular.

Kilwins (also on Prince George St.) is known for ice cream and fudge, but they have great hot chocolate. It is made by the order and topped with whipped cream and shaved chocolate. Though there is a Dunkin’ a little past One Tribe Place (OTP) and a Starbucks down Monticello Ave., I encourage surveying the many independent cafes in Williamsburg — they double as fantastic study spaces and hang out spots.

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