Fall Break & Staying on Campus

Hello friends! We meet again.

Next week here at William & Mary is one of the student’s and faculty’s favorite times of the semester – Fall Break!

Starting Saturday Oct. 13th and lasting through Tuesday Oct. 16th  this year, it’s a great opportunity to relax for a few days in between midterms, and go see friends/family. I personally will be spending my fall break right here on campus (Where else would I want to be?) and taking a day trip down to Virginia Beach with some friends!

For those who are curious about what happens to the university during school breaks, here are a few pro-tips.

  1. W&M and all residence halls stay open for Fall Break, Thanksgiving, and Spring Break. So, if ever worried about trying to get home, don’t fret. You have a place to stay!
  2. Over Winter Break the majority of the campus and Residence Halls will be closed, however international students can contact the Reeves Center to find housing options during these times.
  3. During these break times, some buildings/dining halls may be closed or have limited access hours. For example, Commons Dining Hall (The Caf) will be the only dining hall in use during Fall Break. With both Swem Library and the Recreation Center running with limited hours. So, make sure to plan accordingly!

Although some things on campus may be closed, lots of students and faculty stay at William & Mary over several different school breaks, so being on campus doesn’t mean you’re stuck being bored for a week. And it doesn’t mean you’ll be the only one here. There is always plenty to do within Williamsburg and the surrounding areas, which maintain their normal business hours. Staying on campus over breaks gives you the chance to meet new people, explore new things, and finally get the time to do the things you want to do!

My recommendations of what to do over Fall Break?

  1. Catch up on any work, TV shows, or sleep while you have a few days off!
  2. Hang out with friends – plan a brunch, go to a movie, or play a pick-up soccer game.
  3. Take a stroll through Colonial Williamsburg (enjoy that Free student pass!) and maybe check out the amazing Farmer’s Market from 8-12 on Saturday mornings.
  4. Have a car? Check out the surrounding areas: New Town, College Creek, or the rest of the Historic Triangle-Yorktown & Jamestown.
  5. Over Fall Break specifically, take some time to do some fall activities around town: Go to Pumpkinville and carve some Jack-o-lanterns, or enjoy Howl-O-Scream by going through a Haunted House at Busch Gardens right down the road.
  6. Want to go a little further? Take a day trip to check out bigger cities near us such as Richmond, or Virginia Beach.

Until next time,
Megan Stumpf ’19

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