Holiday Preparation in Colonial Williamsburg

Hi guys!

Returning to campus following Thanksgiving break is both a stressful and exciting time. With two more weeks of class and finals on the horizon, there is a lot of work in store. A good way to relieve some of this stress is to walk through Colonial Williamsburg and see all the holiday decorations! While we were all at our homes, CW became full of holiday spirit, complete with an ice skating rink and a hot chocolate stand.

Something that I miss about New England and home for the holidays is the feeling of a true winter, and having CW decorated and so close to campus makes this feeling possible! There are other ways that the school helps with stress around finals, though. Sometimes, they bring in therapy dogs to Swem Library, or there are study breaks held by clubs and organizations. Professors are very supportive around this time because they know how stressful wrapping up a semester can get! I find that it is a time when people really start to use all the resources the school has to offer and work hard to make sure every one finishes strong!

For those of you who applied for the spring semester, good luck with decisions coming out soon! We’re all rooting for you!


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