My Day At The Farmer’s Market

Well… on Saturday I woke up kinda early and decided to take a drive. I ended up driving past CW (Colonial Williamsburg) and saw that there were some festivities going on. I parked and walked around to see what was happening. Basically people were setting up tents/booths to sell and advertise their products. They were from all over Virginia and were selling things from baked goods to fresh seafood. At the seafood booth I saw a sign which just said $5. When I got closer to see what was in the cooler, I found a live eel. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what a person would possibly do with a live eel… Anyway, in addition to this horror, there were many other fearful things at this market. There was a weird clown lady who was making balloon animals and entertaining children. (I’m deathly terrified of clowns). Further down was a table featuring the various wildlife which could be found throughout Virginia. In a jar on the table was a Black Widow Spider. At this point I was pretty much done with being terrified for the day, so I decided to go home and hide from the clowns, spiders, and eels.

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