I just returned from giving a tour of campus, and (in case you didn’t know) the weather in Williamsburg is crazy hot and humid. I tried to spend as much time in buildings and shady spots as possible. As the sun was beating down on me during the tour, I was reminded of the many summers that I spent life-guarding in the heat and also the day that I moved in freshman year.

The time that the weather is most unbearable during the school year is on move-in day–naturally the only time you’ll be lifting heavy objects and making multiple trips up and down stairs. At the beginning of my freshman year, I remember packing up the truck with Mom and Dad and making the short trip to Williamsburg (which I always enjoy, because we travel on dupontthe Surry ferry for part of it). When we arrived on campus, the scene was hectic with over 1,000 freshmen moving into their respective dorms. My new home was Dupont Hall (also known as “the Castle on the Hill” by its residents). Luckily, there were upperclass student volunteers wearing bright “sweating for you” t-shirts to help freshmen carry belongings to their rooms. I don’t know how they stand the heat all day, but they are fantastic for volunteering to do it.

I remember how excited I was to move into my dorm and meet the other guys on my hall. William & Mary definitely ensures hall bonding, because freshmen experience the entire Orientation process with their entire hall and two or three upperclassmen Orientation Aides.

Right after moving in, I remember going across the hall and meeting two hallmates. I introduced myself as Thomas, which is what everyone calls me at home. Literally five minutes later, one of my new hallmates started my “Tom” nickname, which caught on surprisingly fast.

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