Week One Complete

First week (ok, half-week) of classes complete!

I’m in two Sociology courses (working on my minor), two Women’s Studies classes (finishing up my major), and Ballroom Dance (fulfills the Creative/Performing Arts GER and is just cool!).  I’ve only gone to most classes once, and I’m already excited about what I’m learning and surprised by the overlap.  In my U.S. Women’s History course we are starting with a text on Cherokee women while in my Immigration, Assimilation, and Ethnicity class we have a reading about portrayals of Native American encounters with European immigrants.  I don’t think I have any identical readings between classes, (I always feel like I am cheating the system when that happens) but I love the overlap because it allows me to study different perspectives on the same topic.

Looking on to week two the g-calendar gets even more crowded.  Most organizations give their members that first week off, but once week two hits it’s time to get going. I’ve already had a planning meeting for a big OCES event coming up in late February (expect a recap blog about that) and tonight is the first meeting of the semester for my residence: the Community Scholars House (Don’t ruin the surprise, but I’m bringing chocolate and vanilla cake for the other residents).  Once the work week starts I’ll have more meetings to attend as well. It is definitely daunting to look at my schedule, but also invigorating.  I know how invested I am in all of my different activities, and it’s great to start thinking about all I can get done this semester.

I think it’s time to get back to my room (I’m in the quiet comfort of Swem at the moment) to wash my dishes and finish reading about social stratification systems (I promise it’s an interesting read).

Signing off my first rambling entry of the semester…

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