Staring into my fridge this morning, I came to a realization: I need to go grocery shopping.  And then, I came to another realization: I still needed to pack a lunch.

This is about the time when the creative juices really begin to flow.  How do I make a balanced meal out of chip dips, quesadillas and questionably still-good yogurt?  With a little ingenuity and the general rule that I will eat anything, it actually isn’t that difficult.

I have outlined the steps below:

Step one:  Retrieve several zip-lock bags and reusable Tupperware, it is best that none of these foods touch each other.

Start with your fruit and vegetable categories, combine them.   You have located tomatoes; you aren’t sure which category they belong to, so it must be both.  There you go, two parts of the pyramid covered.

Now you are on to protein.  Thank goodness, there is quiche in a zip-lock bag; you don’t even have to repackage it.  Protein? Check.  The quiche also contains fruits and vegetables.  Hopefully you aren’t overdoing it on the vitamins.

Dairy?  Please insert previously mentioned, questionable yogurt into lunch bag.

Carbohydrates are up next.  That’s easy enough.  There is always a loaf of bread around to snag a few slices from.   Add some condiments and some lunchmeat.  Awesome, more protein,

You are seriously on your way now.  The rest of the lunch is really up to you.  A second yogurt? A piece of fruit?  Some form of leftover dessert?  This is the time to really put that individual touch to your lunch, or the time to stick what’s remaining of your Cheerios into your lunch bag.

There you have it.  As exciting as a Lunchable and just about as balanced, Kraft and your mother would be proud.

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