Bucket List

There are things that we all desire to do; those things that haunt our conscious and beg us to jump out of our comfort zone into the unknown. It is desires that drive every individual’s actions, yet we refuse to acknowledge that these desires exist for fear that we might disappoint ourselves. For a while, I was that girl. I feared that I lacked passion and depth, that my wants and desires were petty and insane. Then I got to thinking, what do I want to accomplish before I die? Everyone is motivated by something whether it is love, revenge, or just the longing to do good, human beings are naturally driven to achieve more. Then it hit me, an overwhelming surge of light and enthusiasm in the form of a bucket list. Anything and everything that I could dream of made it on the list. Whether it was realistic or not, it didn’t matter. I wrote down all of my desires. Writing down my dreams opened up a whole new world of possibilities, I was no longer limited by the doubt that I had instilled in myself. Pushing all fear aside, it is time to embrace the challenges that life throws our way and pursue our desires…

The Bucket List:

1. Crowd surf at a Britney Spears concert

2. Go base jumping

3. Get in the Guinness Book of World Records for something

4. Go surfing in Hawaii

5. Become good friends with a person on every continent

6. Spend the night in the desert and look at the stars

7. Make it to six continents on one plane ticket

8. Survive by yourself for a week in the wilderness

9. Eat the eye of a poisonous fish from Japan

10. Heliboard in the Southern Alps

11. Stay at a house from couchsurfers.com

12. Spend the night in a hostel

13. Double feature at a movie theater

14. Get my name on a building or face in a magazine

15. Play the violin and put a hat out for tips

16. See a finger monkey

17. Experience homelessness for one full week

18. Sail on a tall ship

19. Complete a diabolical Sudoku puzzle

20. Watch the sunset all the way until sunrise

21. Make a fort out of my entire bedroom

22. Learn how to tie a monkeys fist knot

23. Write a short story

24. Learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube

25. Learn the Thriller dance

26. Go to the top of the space needle

27. Take a 24 hour straight hike

28. Have a meal in the Atlanta spinning restaurant

29. Bowl a perfect game

30. Run a full marathon

31. Go SCUBA diving- explore a wreck

32. Read an entire book in Spanish

33. Officially name a crayon color

34. Get my face on a Jones Soda bottle… legitimately

35. Feel weightless- Experience zero gravity

36. Fly solo

37. Get something published

38. Live for a year outside of the US

39. Be able to think of nothing

40. See lions and tigers and elephants in their natural environment

41. Find a big conch shell

42. Pick George Washington’s nose on Mount Rushmore

43. Be remembered for something

So my challenge for you today is: what’s on your bucket list?

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