Why mid-calves are better than ankle socks

As a William and Mary student, I do have my fair share of quirks (who doesn’t?!) that really defines me as a person. It is my belief that one of these quirks really separates me from your average Joe and defines the kind of person that I am. So if you haven’t guessed by the title, I kind of have an obsession with mid-calves.

So what is a mid-calve exactly? Well, it’s a type of sock that literally goes midway up your calf, hence the name. I know a lot of people reading this right now are wondering how can I possibly think these socks are better than the normal ankle socks that most people are accustomed to? Here are three main reasons that may convince you to stop hiding your socks and to start showing a little less leg:

1. People notice you

Personally, when I’m walking around campus on any given day or walking anywhere for that matter, I like people to notice me. Now that may have come off wrong. This isn’t to say that I want people to look at me and be like “man, that kid is weird,” because that’s not what I’m going for at all. Mid-calves are more of a “I’m very comfortable in my own skin” kind of statement and I want people to realize that about me. Since there aren’t all that many people walking around who wear mid-calves, it’s easy for people to recognize you and describe you to other people. On any given day you might hear someone say, “Yeah, Carter’s that cool guy who rocks mid-calves everyday” (This is meant to be humorous. I swear I’m not conceited). In addition, if you’re looking for that little extra boost in confidence, it’s a great idea to throw a pair of mid-calves on. With more eyes on you (now that you’re somewhat different and noticeable), you’re forced to act with more confidence and to really strut your stuff.

2. They’re very versatile

Before I started wearing mid-calves, I couldn’t tell you the number of times I almost had a panic attack because my dress socks were nowhere to be found and I had an important event (yes I do attend important events every once in a while!) to attend that required long socks. At night, I would sit in bed, my stomach churning with anxiety, and wonder how I could ever face the embarrassment of having my ankles show at a formal event, all because I couldn’t find my stupid left dress sock! Mid-calves to the rescue! No longer do I have restless nights, now that I have black mid-calves cleverly disguised as dress socks to cover my ankles, and I am able to enter any situation with confidence! However, mid-calves don’t only double as great dress socks, but they are also good for making you look more athletic than you actually are (see reason #3), saving your ankles from unwanted sunburn, and keeping your ankles warm on those cold winter nights (see honorable mentions). Mid-calves are also great if your shorts happen to be a little bit too short. By covering more of the ankle area, you’ll still get the same sort of leg-exposure that you would get from longer shorts and ankle socks. Talk about versatility!

3. They make you look more athletic than you are

I’ve been very involved in sports my entire life and up until middle school or so, I was never really intimidated by my opponents. All that changed, however, when I reached sixth grade and I started to compete against kids who were a foot taller than me and had been shaving since they were 11. All things considered, I wasn’t nearly as intimidated by kids who had hit puberty in third grade and could step on me, than those who wore mid-calves. To me, there was something about these kids that screamed, “I’m so much more athletic than you that you should just give up now!” It didn’t matter if this kid happened to wear glasses or was 4 foot 3 and still carried around his blanky, he had to be a good player to be able to rock mid-calves. Over time, I learned that not all kids who wear mid-calves are actually good at sports, but I do still notice them (see reason #1) and proceed with caution when matching up against them.

Honorable Mentions

  • They’re extremely fashionable
  • They never get stuck in your shoe and have to be pulled up
  • They keep your ankles warm at night

So at this point, if I haven’t convinced you to go out and get yourself some new mid-calves, don’t worry. It’s your loss. I’m not offended. But don’t go around complaining when no one notices you, your ankles get cold at night, and you’re afraid to step on the court because you’re too intimidated by opponent. At least you were warned.

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