Kickball…Get Psyched!!

So every year the interns challenge the admission’s dean staff to a kickball tournament in the sunken gardens.  When is our tournament?  Tonight.  And I am ready.  I’m not gonna lie…I’m not actually athletically gifted, but I’m going to give it my best shot.  It’s an interesting dynamic here in the office at the moment.  We, the interns, are going crazy getting ready (we’ve even made T-shirts, but shhhh don’t tell!).  The dean staff, who are usually pretty professional, are psyched up too–there may have even been some trash talk (although good hearted trash talk) in the hallways.  So here we are, game day.  It is supposed to get up to 105 degrees today with the humidity factored in and we are pumping the fluids to get ready.  I’ll post again with the results of the game, but we all know what the results will be.  The interns have never won a game in the history of the event, but we are a different breed of intern.  We made a video to challenge the dean staff to the game.  We made t-shirts.  We have come to win.  If you are in town stop by the Green Leafe after the game where we will be cooling off from our domination of the deans!

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