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Lauren Jones
  • Class of 2009
  • Hometown: McLean, VA
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About Lauren Jones

Ok, so now it is time for you to learn a little bit more about me!

Major: Biology

Minor: Management

High School: For high school I went to Madeira, an all girls school in McLean Virginia which is an international boarding school which also has a day student population (I did both by the end of my four years there). Most people think of an all girls school as some sort of punishment, but I loved it! I now know girls from all over the world, have worked on capitol hill, and have made amazing friends!

Family: One brother, one dog, two parents, and Ben (my boyfriend)

Favorite High School Memory: Cranium parties. These parties are my signature get together with my high school friends. I think that they morphed out of AP US study groups somehow, but I’m not 100% positive

Other Random Facts About Me:

I am slightly obsessed with turtles
I have never ever done the blogging thing before so grab some popcorn and enjoy my attempts

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"Have you voted yet?" "Where is your 'I voted' sticker?"  Everywhere you turned at William and Mary on November 4th someone was checking in

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I'll be the first to admit it--William and Mary students drop everything when they hear the first whisper of a rumor that class offerings

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So since I am amazingly technologically adept, I managed to delete the post I wrote about the start of the school year.  Long story

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