Slightly Settled

Within the past forty-eight hours I’ve probably slept about eight or nine of them. I wouldn’t say I necessarily procrastinated to write a paper that was due earlier today at noon, because I wrote a brainstorming sheet (I take a blank piece of computer paper and then just scribble, map, and plan out all of my thoughts) two days previous, and I let the ideas and thoughts ferment in the back of my mind. But I just didn’t end up actually writing the paper until around nine o’clock the night before. Well it’s done now, right?

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m finding that this year seems to shaping into the most challenging yet. All of my classes fall within three days of each other, so while it may seem that I have a marvelous four-day weekend that’s not the case. I spend those days trying to find the strength to pack and haul my backpack to Swem, but I find myself just lollygagging around the hall, messing/pranking/scaring/hanging with the freshmen and playing games. Not until I walk into Swem do I really realize how much work I have, and it’s finding that balance—between work and want—that’s bothering me.

As far as classes are concerned, I enjoy them all. The mean of my satisfaction is somewhere in the B-B+ range. The majority of my classes discuss the same topic, the Classics, so all day long I’m listening to different interpretations on battles, heroes, monsters, and the human condition therein. The only problem is that I have not yet adjusted to back-to-back lectures all day long. I don’t remember it being so straining and fatiguing in high school.

I’m taking a fiction writing class that meets on Wednesdays. I really enjoy the intimate class size and the contemporary literature we’re reading; however, the writing assignments always make me anxious. Writing outside of the realm of academia is a passion of mine (hello blogosphere!), but sometimes I feel pressured and constricted by the “write this” assignments. I completely understand the need to hone my creative thought process—and the urgency to develop a polished writing prowess—but it’s just that sometimes I find myself staring at the assignment as if it were a vile insect. The class is creatively challenging, yet I have produced some of my most raw and true pieces yet. I favor it.

Also, there’s an undergoing trend at the College that I noticed freshmen year but didn’t really understand its true dynamic until last week. Even though it’s the beginning of October, people and organizations already have their eyes on the summer and next fall. Why? Why can’t we all just enjoy the now. I attended an interest meeting for the W&M DC Institute and though the New Media branch sounds phenomenal, I was just in shock at how the application for your summer life is so early. And I have friends applying and interviewing for orientation aid director positions, and also a few considering to study abroad, and when I sit down and think of it I’m just in shock that our minds are constantly in the future. But I guess we’re in the age of Aquarius, right?

Tonight is Busch Gardens day, which means tickets for W&M students are ridiculously low. I am not attending these festivities because I’m on duty tonight and I’m also recovering from sleep deprivation. The campus is quiet. And I think it’s a good start to the weekend.

Until next time!

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