The Wren Ten

What’s a Wren Ten, you ask? Well, (almost) every Wednesday night, one of W&M’s eleven a cappella groups takes about 20-25 minutes to perform their newest, silliest, craziest, and most beloved songs in a casual setting. Well, why the name, “Wren Ten,” you are probably wondering. Clever as it probably appears to you, the Wren Ten gets its name from the time and place of the performance occurring at 10 p.m. on the Wren Portico!
One of the best parts of the Wren Ten is that you get to see your friends (and family) perform in a casual setting that usually includes much joking, crowd participation, good music, and an overall good time. The acoustics are phenomenal, and surprisingly the portico allows for a large amount of seating. With the highest a cappella per-capita ratio of any school, the Wren Ten makes Wednesday night one of the most anticipated nights of the week, without a doubt. While making for an excellent study break in-between doing your daily reading or studying for your midterms, many students enjoy grabbing a hot chocolate and kicking it, relaxing, and listening to their favorite a cappella groups perform!


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