‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night

What a great use of a Sunday afternoon. To me the story I’m about to tell epitomizes the kind of ridiculously one-day adventures William and Mary students come up with.

Today, students and faculty at the College of William and Mary attempted to break the record for the most people performing Michael Jackson’s Thriller (I say attempted because there hasn’t been an official ruling yet). How, you might ask, did this come into being? I happened to be in a class with the organizer of the event and his answer was: I was bored one day. Only at William and Mary would a day of boredom lead to an event like this.

I was too tired to partake in the dance myself, but I showed up with my friend Grace to watch the grand performance and support two of my friends. When I arrived at 4:30 (practice began at 2) half of the Sunken Gardens was filled with students and most entertainingly two of my professors. As the music started blaring I watched over 200 members of what I now consider my extended-family dance around like zombies-stomping and sliding for the thirteen minutes of Thriller. I watched my friends roll around on the ground and my professor twist her face into a snarl-it was hilarious! After the music stopped and everyone sat waiting to be counted, one zombie dancer began singing Hark Upon the Gale and then the other zombie dancers joined in so that the Sunken Gardens was filled with zombies professing their love of William and Mary.

Oh how I love my college!

Here are some pictures of the event:


Professors and Students


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