Spring, finally!

Finally, it’s the time of year where you no longer have to take the tour guide’s word that our students are active. No longer do we have to say, “I swear, when it’s nice there are always people relaxing on the terrace” or “When it’s warmer, you’ll find students throwing a Frisbee around on the Sunken Gardens”. Finally, you can see it for yourself. It’s 74 degrees in Williamsburg and spirits are high. Not even the intimidation of looming midterms is able to get W&M students down today. All over campus, students are leaving the classroom not to return to their dorms but instead relax on the Sunken Garden for a few hours. Others are getting to-go boxes from the Sadler Center and enjoying their meals on the Terrace. Even students with midterms tomorrow are headed to Lake Matoaka amphitheater for a quiet, peaceful place to study. There’s no denying it, Spring is coming and the students here could not be more excited about it because one thing W&M students do well, is enjoy the beautiful Williamsburg weather.

Danny Anderson
Class of 2014

Categories: Campus Life, Student Blogs

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