Getting a Song Stuck in your Head

This morning on my way into work I heard the song “Love in the Club” and it is now stuck in my head. I walk around in the office singing lines from it, but I can only remember certain lines of it. It is not uncommon for me to get songs stuck in my head and then walk around all day muttering them to myself. During the last spring break, I somehow got the William and Mary Alma Mater stuck in my head. It played over and over for a good part of the day. The Alma Mater of William and Mary is a great tradition at the College. Not only does the choir sing it during graduation, convocation, etc. but it also is part of one of the first traditions that any new student takes part in. The first night of a students freshman year, the entire freshman class, as well as all of the upperclassman students already on campus meet in the middle of Ancient Campus at the Presidents house. Now it’s not an official tradition, but all of the students come out for it, and there is a loud speaker set up when everyone gets there.  The students kick off the school year by singing to the President.  Somehow, years after I stood outside of the President’s house as a freshman and sang to our new President, the Alma Mater was stuck in my head.  Even though I was miles away from the school, it was still on my mind.

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