Fall is well on its way…


Crisp mornings and bright blue skies herald the beginning of a glorious autumn, and I just can’t wait to see CW when it’s in full-blown fall!

Speaking of autumn, did you know that there’s a way to get free hot drinks in CW?  That’s right, I said FREE!  If you don’t have one already, get yourselves over to the Kimball Theatre* and pick up one of these beauties, modeled here by the lovely Katherine:

For $10, this souvenir mug gets you unlimited free refills of coffee, cider, and tea until the end of the calendar year at any place where the mug is displayed!  For us poor and caffeine-addicted college students, this is an absolutely unbeatable deal.

FallGetting a refill is also a great excuse for a mid-day study break.  Taking a walk down DoG Street is a wonderful de-stresser, and if you stop off at the Raleigh Tavern Bake Shop, you can get 20% off of your purchase just by showing your W&M ID!  (Their gingerbread is my favorite, Katherine recommends the Queen Cakes.)

I’m off to feed the horses that live across the street from our house, but before I go, I’d just like to thank everyone who came out and made our Parents’ Weekend Open House such a huge success!  Katherine and I absolutely loved having people over, and we hope that you enjoyed hanging out as much as we did.  We would also like to give a huge thank you to Kyra Zemanick for writing such a wonderful article on the CW House–we appreciate it so much!  If anyone missed it and is interested, check out the full article!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Until next time,

Joy Thomas 🙂

*I say Kimball because this is the closest place to campus to obtain one; however, you can buy one anywhere the mugs are displayed!

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