Work Hard, Play Hard.

Work Hard, Play Hard. Pretty much the DEN mantra here at the Muscarelle Museum of Art. (DEN: Development, Education, & New Media)

This summer I’ve been living it up in the lovely and humid ‘Burg and working as a Publishing & Curatorial Intern at the Muscarelle. The internship working for Museum Director Aaron De Groft has been such an incredible opportunity for me, as I have been helping curate a masterpiece exhibition coming in February for the Museum’s 30th Anniversary (I promise a press release soon – I am beyond excited) and publishing a book on Martha Wren Briggs: an art historian and alumni of the College who has devoted much of her research and writing to Art Nouveau stained-glass master Louis Comfort Tiffany. Also, I recently was an absentee phone bidder in an acquisitions auction for the Museum, buying pieces I had researched to add to Muscarelle’s Permanent Collection.

The hours here have been long combined with my English Senior Seminar on Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Starting work at 8 and ending at 5 have made me appreciate adults so much more. I feel like the days fly by fast when I add in homework, gym, and cooking meals – and adults do this all the time! Growing up is rough.

At the Muscarelle therefore, we believe it is important to break up research and work with fun. Each Thursday we have had “Campus Enrichment Programs” for the interns. A small group of us participated in a Williamsburg Planning Commission Meeting, helped the W&M Legal Council move into their new offices while The Brafferton is getting remodeled (there were golf carts and fresh cut flowers involved), and learned about interview skills and resume building at the W&M Cohen Career Center. The heads of the Muscarelle were also so generous as to throw me a 20th birthday party last week complete with Williamsburg’s Extaordinary Cupcakes. And today they outdid themselves with a surprise ice cream party! It was a perfect end to finishing my Seminar class this morning and completing 20 pages worth of research bibliographies.

I feel as though the Muscarelle has opened so many doors for me this summer with job experience and new networking opportunities. I am so excited to continue my work (and FUN!) through July and the next school year. Look forward to more Muscarelle and Williamsburg fun related posts coming your way soon. Also, you should like the Muscarelle Museum of Art page on Facebook. Doing so will win you my undying love and gratitude. And maybe even pie. Because life is better with pie.

And now, I’m off to Busch Gardens with the Interns. The Griffin has been calling my name. (and yes I was just there on Sunday with an amazing group of APO brothers here for the summer.) You really can never have too much Busch Gardens—especially when one season Fun Pass gets you into the park for the rest of the summer free. Williamsburg, I Love You.

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