Think You Hate Sports? Great, Come Be An Athlete!

This one’s for all my nonathletic friends. The uncoordinated ones who somehow always manage to trip even though there was nothing there. Those who never got picked first or second for the kickball team. As DJ Casper would say, this is something new! A chance to join a team part 2. Featuring William & Mary’s club and intramural sports. And this time we’re going to get athletic (athletic) athletic (athletic). Everybody join a team! Join, join, join, join a team.

In all seriousness, for those of you who felt described above I completely understand. I was in the exact same boat. While I broke out of my athletic shell in high school, there is no better place to start than here at William & Mary! Whether you dream of traveling to James Madison University to kick serious butt in table tennis or are looking to try kendo for the first time. Here, we offer structured competitive sports and the opportunity to follow long time athletic dreams you never thought possible. There are options for everyone. I have spent much of my short time here exploring what clubs would work with my schedule. Club and intramural teams both have websites that detail their schedule, general level of experience and an email to contact with any questions! Registration for intramural sports doesn’t begin until after classes have started. This gives students plenty of time to assess your workload before deciding what kind of club you want to join. Most club teams allow new members year-round! You can join as your interest grows. Club and intramural sports are a great opportunity to meet new friends, travel to different places and stay active (cause of the freshman fifteen is real and more like the freshman twenty).

I’ve taken advantage through William & Mary’s club and intramural programs generally through interest. I’ve inquired about the equestrian team, the kendo club, and the karate club. While I haven’t decided on a team to explore yet, every team has been open, positive and excited about my potential interest! Long story short athletics is a big part of school for a lot of William & Mary students. You don’t have to start a sport when you’re five and be a D1 level athlete to enjoy sports here. As a freshman currently on her athletic journey, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! We can’t wait to help you find your latest passion.

~A Sleepy Happy Freshman
Five W&M Tribe cheer leaders posing for a photo next to the football field in uniform with a mix of silly faces and smiles.

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