Staying Active as a Non-Student Athlete

When I first transferred to William & Mary, a lot of my focus was on my academic work, community service and campus involvement. While I was focused on staying active in the community and on-campus, I almost forgot all about staying active in regard to my physical health! In my short time here, I discovered ways for non-student athletes to stay healthy and exercise while at the university.

Students who do not play a sport for a varsity team can try out for a club team. At William & Mary, we have over 40 club sports for which students may try-out. I played club volleyball at W&M during my first year. For those students who want a less competitive sports outlet, William & Mary also offers Intramural (IM) Sports. Students can make teams out of people they know from campus clubs, fraternities and sororities, dormitories, or anywhere on campus. This is a fun way to stay active and build stronger friendships.

There are sand volleyball courts scattered around campus, the Campus Recreation Center, and many different running groups and marathons in Colonial Williamsburg for which students may sign up and participate. So if you will not be playing varsity sports at W&M, have no fear! There are still many opportunities here for you to stay happy and healthy!

-Malerie Gamblin ’17

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