Graduation On Its Way

So, I am a senior. And yes, this is my last semester. Many seniors around me are dreading the big day where we walk out the doors of the Wren building, opposite the way we came in during convocation. However, I have been in college for almost 5 years and I find myself to be one of the few that can’t wait for commencement to come. Don’t get me wrong. I love William and Mary!! I am just so ready to break out of the beautiful cocoon that college has wrapped me in, spread my wings, and fly. I am ready to live off campus. I am ready to get a job that specifically relates to my ultimate career goals. I am ready for Grad School! Ultimately, it is time for bigger things in my life.

One big question you might ask is how I came to this point or what I did to become so confident and prepared. First, I started college at a very young age. I graduate high school at 16 and went straight into community college. That was 2005, which feels like a long time ago. Second, I have been conducting research and volunteering in clinical settings since I started college. I guess you can say I dove right in. In a sense I feel married to my education/career goals. It has been the focal point of my life, other than my relationship with God, for as long as I can remember. People say that I am blessed to have known so early what I want to do for a living. To me, it is no surprise. The events in my life have continuously directed me to a career in Clinical Psychology. In addition, one of the most useful techniques to have at William and Mary is the ability to multi-task regularly. Being at William and Mary really has been a marathon from the beginning. It is the lifestyle here. We are the Tribe and we are going places. There are so many opportunities here, and you can’t do it all, but you have to be good at juggling multiple responsibilities in order to take advantage in at least some of the great opportunities at W&M. Here is a list of many of the things to do on campus:

1. Sports, intramural sports, sports clubs

2. Dancing groups

3. Singing groups

4. Clubs

5. Sororities and fraternities

6. Service and philanthropy organizations

7. Research labs

8. Internships

9. And much more.

It really is almost impossible to not be involved on this campus. There are so many things to participate in that it really makes time go by fast. This is the end of my second year here (I transferred) and it feels like it went by before I could blink. It is amazing, and yes, it is exhausting. However, when I graduate and walk out those Wren doors I
will be able to forever look back on my experience here at W&M as the most amazing and intense two years of my life. And I love it! This campus is its own community and I encourage you to take it seriously and dive right in!

My involvement: Nu Kappa Epsilon, Tribe Rides Car Club, Transfer Student Ambassadors, Self-Determination A’Capella, Psi Chi Honor Society, Golden Key Honor Society, Progressive Learning Therapy Intern, PLT’s Tae Kwon Do Volunteer, Dream Catcher’s Therapeutic Riding Center Volunteer, DOC Probation & Parole Office Volunteer,  Professor Zeman’s Children’s Emotional Regulation Lab, and other research.

Oh, and I was one of the dance trainers and dancers for April 2009’s Guinness World Record Break for the largest Thriller dance! I am a big Michael Jackson fan and this was an awesome experience.

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