Blog Withdrawal

Can you believe it? I haven’t posted since the school year started. Actually, looking at the Student Blogs page on the website, no one has haha. Welcome to the whirlwind life of a William and Mary student… 🙂

Just so you know, I can’t believe it’s October, I can’t believe how every single day seems to fly by and I really still can’t believe this is senior year. And THIS is what senior year sounds like:

Scheduling my classes so I have none on Fridays = 3-day weekends every weekend. Monday and Wednesday classes that don’t start until 3 p.m. Taking 6 weeks to finally unpack and decorate my room. Printing off 150 photos from last semester and plastering my walls with them. Loving that the massive plastering of my walls doesn’t clutter my room…because my Jamestown dorm ceilings are beyond high. Spending more hours per week on The DSJ than any person should spend on any activity, but loving it (even on the days I hate it) anyway. The Leafe, Paul’s and College, where I’ll undoubtedly run into 93742749834 people I know and love. Wawa all the time! Using Flex Points to order Domino’s when I should be getting a good night’s rest instead. Busch Gardens day. Both official and unofficial intern reunions as much as possible. Brainstorming with the roommate about humorous signs to post in our window. Watching the Veronica Mars boxed set until 4 a.m….on a regular basis. Weekly dinner dates.

Alright, that’s enough. This blog was pretty pointless I guess, but now you have a quick update on me at least. No, the faces on the W&M homepage haven’t completely disappeared — we’ve just been busy living our always-crazy-but-always-100%-worth-it lives right here in the ‘burg.

Up next for me: 2 midterms, a paper proposal and a list of meetings all this week, and then I’m taking off Thursday afternoon for a 6-day Fall Break trip to South Carolina! Wish me luck on this week’s work, and I promise I won’t take 6 weeks to write again.  🙂

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