Janet Jammin’ 101: The Green and Gold Edition

Being a member of the Tribe has certainly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, as well as being amongst the legion of devoted Janet Jackson fans. Random? Maybe so. But in my eyes, there is not a single thing random about this pairing. In actuality, since becoming a member of the Tribe in the fall of 2009, I have become a more dedicated fan to Ms. Jackson.

I hope you (yes, you reading this blog) are not concerned about me potentially being a star crazed, obsessed fan … really … I’m okay! I’m proud to say that you are reading my very first blog on the William and Mary website, and the only way I can embark on this blogging journey is to be honest and simply myself. One of my all-time favorite past-times here at the College is to take long walks around the campus and Colonial Williamsburg (CW) while listening to the ‘Essential Janet Jammin’ playlist on my iPod (catchy title right?). I cannot express how great it feels to walk around my beautiful campus listening to my favorite artist. It’s the perfect escape after a long day of work or even when I have received some of the best news of the week. I think we all need to have that one special go-to activity that is just for ourselves.

Something about the atmosphere of W&M relaxes me so much. I like to stroll past the Sunken Garden and often notice students playing a game of Ultimate Frisbee or relaxing and reading as I jam to “Rhythm Nation”. And I always take the time to stop and say hello to friends on the Sadler Center terrace while listening to a Janet classic such as “The Pleasure Principle”. I can honestly say, as I walk it makes me proud to attend the institution that I do, because while listening to Janet I see what an amazing student body we have. I am very much a people watcher (in the healthiest of manners of course), and on my many musical walks I notice how talented and gifted everyone is in their own unique way. It’s refreshing to be reminded that there is the opportunity here at W&M to meet individuals from all walks of life. Whether I am walking past Swem with “I Get Lonely”, or the Crim Dell with “That’s the Way Love Goes” or even the Rec Center with “Control”, William and Mary’s beauty never ceases to excite me or make me appreciate my campus that much more.

And one of the greatest benefits to campus is the location of CW. I swear nothing makes my day like going to get a hot mug of Cider while my favorite Janet Jackson song plays in my ear. It may seem strange to some, but it makes me happy. I usually like to wrap up my Janet playlist by the time I return back to the historic Wren building, and as of late “Love Will Never Do (Without You)” has been my end choice of song … but it is always changing.

As I begin my last year here at the College, I know for sure just walking around the campus daily will personally be something I greatly miss. The College has so much to offer, and I am grateful that I have taken advantage of the many amazing opportunities. It is hard to say the things we know for certain in life, but I can confidently say that my love and devotion for Janet Jackson and the Tribe aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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