Sunburns and Snowflakes

So, not to rub it in or anything, but as I was waking up to another day of sun and beach in FL, my roommate texted me this morning to let me know that as she was waking up to snow in VA.  Hard to believe that the spring break weather could be so different in the two different areas.  Sometimes spring break seems to come so early in the semester that it doesn’t feel like spring at all.  I really lucked out this year with the weather at home in Panama City.  One of my closest friends and I have been spoiled by the surprisingly warm days, sunny skies, and clear waters of the northern gulf coast of Florida.  Its been great having my friend home with me because I have loved showing her all around the town I grew up in and the place that I love.  Not to mention, I would take the sun over the snow any day!

All of the rays and lazy beach afternoons is going to make returning to cold temperatures and school books a lot more painful.  I was really keeping my fingers crossed that VA weather would be turning mild and beginning to warm up, allowing me to keep my shorts and bathing suits out and pack up my winter jacket and scarves.  I’m starting to think that the snow found on the ground of the state this morning is a sure sign that I might have to hang in there for a little bit longer before spring really breaks on campus.  It is definitely worth it though, once the warm weather really does hit!  Its always exciting to see how pretty the campus looks when the trees all bloom around the sunken gardens and the tulips show up around the sundial outside Swem Library.  Not to mention that spring brings the promise of a whole new group of accepted students who swarm the campus to visit during their last few weeks before making a decision about where to go to college (…the many William and Mary students enjoying the outdoors and putting off doing all of their school work as soon as the weather warms up are more than happy to add in their encouragement, devotion, and good old fashioned tribe pride to try and convince accepted students to come to W&M as they pass by in their HUGE tour groups).   Spring also means the end of the school year is in sight meaning King and Queen’s Ball, last day of classes, and for the eager seniors: the long anticipated graduation.

I’ve got one more day of spring break left before I catch a plane back to Williamsburg and school.  You’d probably think that this would make me a little sad (and don’t get me wrong, I’d be crazy if I was wishing to leave FL and the sun!) but somehow it is never all that hard to get excited to go back to school for the end of the spring semester.  There is so much that goes on and the warm weather in general makes everyone happier and more excited so that the last few months go by in a whirlwind of fun activities.  My sunburn might be a bit out of place right now on the still cold campus, but give it a few more weeks and I’m going to fit right in.

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