Is that your final decision? Part II

Spring break of Junior year was really when my college search took off. My parents and I took a tour of what felt like every school in California as well as a bunch of other schools scattered throughout the country.  Long story short, big schools scared me like woah and I ultimately decided on about eight schools to which I wanted to apply.  From there I decided that I was putting my fate in the hands of the admissions offices.  My plan was that I would get into my safties and then get accepted to one of my top three schools and that would be where I ended up.

Fast forward to spring break of senior year.  My parents and I got back late from vacation and I remember them telling them not to go through the mail until I woke up in the morning.  The next morning (at about 7am) there is whispering at the foot of my bed.  “Do you think we should wake her?” my mom says to my dad in an obviously loud “whisper.”  “Maybe we should just leave them on her pillow,”my dad responded in an equally loud equally fake whisper.  I opened one eye to see my parents holding two large envelopes.  I took the first one from them and looked to see that it was from Dickinson, one of my safety schools.  I opened the letter and read the first line:

Dear Ms. Jones:
We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about Dickinson’s drama department…

I stopped reading and looked up with exasperation.  I then took the second envelope and saw the seal of William and Mary at the top.  My heart was in my throat as I got the envelope open to read my acceptance letter.  I was in.

Over the next few weeks, more letters saying no came in than saying yes, but, in the end, my plan failed.  I got into my top three schools.  Now what?

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