Panwiches and other Mountain adventures

(Disclaimer: I actually wrote this a few weeks ago, but have been so busy settling into school, I forgot to upload it until now. Will you ever forgive me cyber world?)

I’m blogging from a Mountain (oh yes, it’s worthy of capitalization)–how cool is that! I’m spending a week on the Mountain because, in case you missed it, I’m graduating at the end of this semester and I am certain this last semester will be a whirlwind so I wanted one last pause before the rest of my life. This led to a week on the Mountain with an invitation to a few friends to come and hang out as long as they understood the plan was to just wear sweats, lounge about, and read books (Like the ones I check out from the W’burg library). I’m on day three and my first guest has been Casey—he has his own W&M blog—who has obligingly followed all the rules. Case(y) and point, here we are lounging by the fire with our books (technically his is a study book for the PRAXIS because he actually has a life plan and will be teaching next year through TFA).

Casey says all we need to be adults is books and a floor. I think the fireplace makes us classy.

We really did spend the day reading in front of the fire, but that day didn’t really start until 1:30 when I woke super-good sleeper Casey by blasting this video in front of his bedroom door. He opened the door to me dancing around and requesting that he pop one of those biscuit-in-a-can contraptions I am slightly frightened by. Oh the Mountain.

Speaking of food, today we made a new culinary masterpiece. It is brilliant. I am a big fan of brinner (breakfast for dinner), but tonight Casey and I invented Brunchinner by cooking Panwiches. A panwich is a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich with pancakes for bread, or as Casey calls it, “a gastronomical exploration of the mind.” We are now in the process of trademarking our delicious culinary creation so I can’t share the exact instructions, but I trust you can figure it out from this photographic evidence.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner all in one nutritious “sandwich”

I also achieved a college goal by making it into one of Casey’s video blogs explaining to the world the tastiness of panwiches and how cold it is on a mountain. Yay new media! Here we are vlogging from the fancy jacuzzi tub in the condo. Don’t we look like legit siblings.

What can I say, I was feeling like bringing back the 80s

Casey has to leave in the morning, but it has been so wonderful to have a reading/laziness buddy for the weekend. Over the next few days I’m expecting friends from Charlottesville and W&M to come for visits. I promise to report if we actually have adventures greater than book reading by the fire. I am so grateful to have the time to spend with my friend-family and just enjoy quiet company before we all begin what I am certain will be an overwhelming and exciting semester, if only because I’ll be getting so many requests for panwich exhibitions.

And now, one final astute observation from the ever wise Mr. Sears: “Nature is big. And cold.”

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