Danny Anderson

Danny Anderson
  • Class of 2014
  • Hometown: South Burlington, VT
  • Archived Blogger

About Danny Anderson

Hey, I’m Dan. I was originally from South Burlington, Vermont, but my family relocated to the northern Virginia area. Where I come from, it’s cold. Really cold. So I am especially appreciative of the warm Virginia weather. Before W&M, I attended a small Catholic school in my hometown where I was involved in student council, peer ministry, football, ice hockey and national honor society.

On campus, I was involved in a few different organizations. I was an active brother in the social fraternity, Beta Theta Pi. I was also a student counsel. The student counsels serve as a helping hand to those brought up on honor or student conduct council violations. The counsels ensure that the hearings are fair and that those under investigation understand the process and are able to be heard. I was a president’s aide. I was also a member of the Blue Ridge Hockey Conference champion Tribe club ice hockey team.

Academically, I plan to apply for entry to the Mason School of Business in the fall of my junior year. I also hope to pursue a second major but it is currently a toss up between computer science, economics and Hispanic studies.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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