How to Beat The Stress: Williamsburg Edition

Colonial Williamsburg's Duke of Gloucester Street

It’s that time of the semester yet again. Students are finishing up their last week of classes and nervously anticipating next week’s final exams. It’s times like these where all students are beginning to feel the pressure but with that pressure comes a degree of stress. Luckily for students of the College, there are countless outlets for this stress right here in Williamsburg. Here are a few of my favorite things to do when I need a break from the grind of the end of the semester:

Go for a run in Colonial Williamsburg – Once again, our proximity to America’s historical triangle proves to be an incredible resource for students. I find few better stress relievers than strapping on my running shoes and heading into the CW for a run. There’s something incredibly calming in jogging by reenactors, newborn lambs, horses and beautiful colonial architecture. I have two pieces of advice for this run. The first is leave early. Colonial Williamsburg in the morning is one of the most peaceful places I have ever encountered and the other people down there at that time are some of the most friendly in Virginia. My second piece of advice? Watch out for horse poop!

The Picturesque James River

Grab some friends and head out to Jamestown Beach – With the approach of finals season comes early summer in Williamsburg. Coming from Vermont, I especially appreciate this pleasant April weather. For me, although I love lying in the sun on the Sunken Garden, sometimes, I need sand underneath me and a body of water nearby. Fortunately for me, Jamestown beach is only a short drive away from campus. Right off the Colonial Parkway and on the James River, this small beach is perfect for sunbathing and swimming out to its sandbar. My only advice here is to watch out for the tide, cause it can be strong at times.

Some Canoes by Beautiful Lake Matoaka

Go Canoeing on Matoaka – There are few things more relaxing than this and with your student ID it is available to you at William & Mary. Bring some friends and have a deep conversation or head out by yourself to reflect on how quickly the year has flown by (because it always does!). The choice is up to you. If canoeing isn’t really your thing, Lake Matoaka has docks that offer an incredibly calming view. There’s also several hiking trails around the lake as well as Lake Matoaka amphitheater: a great place to relax and study.

Catch a Flick at Movie Tavern – Despite how awesome the weather here is most of the time, it does rain occasionally. In this situation, one of my favorite things to do is head over to Movie Tavern, right on Richmond Road. A very cool place that blends together a restaurant with a movie theater. So, you can grab a bite and see the new blockbuster right within walking distance of campus. I love catching movies during my study breaks as it allows me to easily focus on something other than the work I still have to do.

That’s all for now. Best of luck in beating that finals stress!

Alma Mater Hail!


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