Good Morning W&M!

Happy Finals everyone!

Due to the need to memorize 100 terms, several readings and three essays and a desire to watch a gut-wrenching 3OT loss by the Washington Capitals last night, I finished studying for my History of Christianity final a little later than expected. Also, with the need to review before my 9 a.m. final, I was up a little earlier than I would have liked. I may hate that I slept less than desired, and I may question what I’m doing when my alarm goes off at 6 a.m., but it’s all worth it. I underwent a strange experience this morning. All the stress of finals, my annoyance with the early hour and my grief at the Capital’s loss all instantly went away as soon as I stepped outside my dorm. Yeah, campus is that beautiful. Even more so in the morning. So beautiful in fact, that I felt obligated to share my walk with all of y’all!


My walk casually starts with a stroll down a wooded trail.

I eventually end up admiring the brand new Cohen Career Center and the Sadler Center.

I walk from one end of the Sunken Gardens... the other.

I take a moment to admire the oldest (in-use) academic building in the country.

And finally my walk ends, as all good walks should, at Wawa food mart for a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee.


Alma Mater Hail!


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