Martha Gizaw

Martha Gizaw
  • Class of 2020
  • Hometown: Woodbridge, VA
  • Major(s): Biomedical Engineering (Self-Designed) w/ Computer Science minor
  • Archived Blogger

About Martha Gizaw

Martha arrived at William & Mary in 2017 as a Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholar with an associate's degree from Northern Virginia Community College. Despite her challenges of being diagnosed with mild disabilities and caring for two younger siblings with significant disabilities in a single-mother household, she thrived academically and was passionate about advancing our understanding of autism and other neurological disorders.

Outside of the classroom, Martha served as the Undersecretary of Neurodiversity at Student Assembly and as a Student Fellow at the Sharp Journalism Seminar sponsored by the Charles Center. She also participated in the Association of Computing Machinery and Society of Women in Computing. Before graduating, she defended her honors thesis on designing new devices to prevent fatal falling of Williamsburg Landing residents. Whenever Martha was not too busy, you could find her binge-watching Hulu with her friends or strolling around Colonial Williamsburg.

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