Martha Gizaw

Martha Gizaw
  • Class of 2019 / 2020
  • Hometown: Woodbridge, VA
  • Major(s): Computer Science & Neuroscience

About Martha Gizaw

Martha is a junior who arrived at William & Mary as a Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholar with an associate degree from Northern Virginia Community College. Despite her challenges of being diagnosed with mild disabilities and caring for two younger siblings with significant disabilities in a single-mother household, she thrives academically and is passionate about computational neuroscience, neuroinformatics, and their ability to advance the understanding of autism, ADD, and other neurological disorders.

Outside of the classroom, Martha is a member of the Neurodiversity Student Group and the Association of Computing Machinery. This spring, she works as a Teaching Assistant for one of the chemistry labs on campus. Whenever she is not too busy, you may find her at the Boutetort Theatre during Spanish movie nights, or see her strolling around Colonial Williamsburg.

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