Internship: 95% Loaded

This Friday, I will be off to orientation for my very first internship at George Mason University’s Manassas Campus. Finally, I can picture myself as a scientist whose ambition is to make a difference on earth. This internship will involve research projects, and mine will focus on using neuroinformatics to simulate the number of broken mirror neurons that impact the severity of autism. Neuroinformatics is the study of computational and mathematical tools that analyze neuroscientific data. A mirror neuron specializes in observing and imitating the actions and behaviors of other individuals. A combination of neuroscience and computer science rapidly gives way to such popular topics as artificial intelligence and neural networks. I feel that the skills obtained from both subjects can make way to revolutionizing science and medicine.

What am I looking forward to?

Obviously, the work life! This week, I will start a YouTube Vlog showcasing my everyday life as an intern. In my opinion, vlogs teach an audience lessons in so many aspects of life, including full-time jobs and internships. On top of that, I will have to finish my background research so I can start my experiment as quickly as possible. Like many people, we feel lazy, but it is never too late to reach our goals no matter how long it takes us. For example, I feel overwhelmed by the fact that I have to manage my time effectively. Although this has doomed my first year at William & Mary, I Googled a lot over the summer and found tips that help me. Such tips include the traffic light system for priorities and a paper agenda for immediate access to deadlines.

What am I shaky about, though?

Self-confidence. As much as I want to do the internship, I feel nervous when my family is also nervous about the opportunity that I waited for in years. Specifically, my mother fears that if I do not graduate, the internship becomes worthless. I cannot let this fear get into my head. I may have caused trouble at home while I have not at school. With determination and flexibility, I have no doubt that my research project will be something the alumni and current students can look up to. In fact, good character is worth more than the good looks I am getting throughout the week.

A message for all students to include those in Woodbridge, VA: Wish me luck on going through the best opportunity of my life! I have spent a lot of my time on volunteer work, leadership positions, and extracurricular activities when I was younger. At this time, my internship at George Mason is my time to show what Martha Gizaw can actually do. It does not matter what everyone says or how judgmental people are. This internship season, I am showing Tribe pride!

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