Who’s In? Who’s In?

Tonight’s the night, Class of the Square Root of 4,088,484 (no calculators allowed, please)! Final admissions decisions are coming, and there are so many hours to go before your results go LIVE! April 1st becomes the thing of the past for William & Mary. If you could not believe decisions come to you a week early like I did, no need to panic! I have tips that would keep you sane until your result reaches to your inbox.

Check Facebook or Twitter

Many of you have seen a Facebook post like this:

Freshman admission decisions will be released the evening of Friday, March 23rd. Admission notifications will be sent directly to the email address listed by the student in their application, and William & Mary will be the sender of this email. All admitted students will receive a formal admission packet in the mail in the coming days.

Or a Twitter post like this:

Freshman admission decisions will be released the evening of Friday, March 23rd. For more information, go to .

If you have not seen this message yet, now is the time to do so. If you have already, you may want to stay tuned as there could be more updates to this big news.

Keep On Staring at Your Inbox

It is pretty rare for those like myself who will have to wait past midnight to receive their email. No matter what, check your inbox regularly. Do so every hour or every nanosecond because I know you are super anxious for the final verdict (not the law school kind).

Be Patient and Think “Good Things”

Patience has been and will always be key to reaching your destination. You could always make patience fun by thinking of all the freedom you will have in the years beyond your high school graduation. But these days, millions of seniors start to have second thoughts about being far from home. Once you receive your decision, base it on the plan that you are still finalizing. The wait shall end on or before May 1st (National College Decision Day).

Remember, whether or not William & Mary accepted you, you poured all your heart and soul into your application. The Admission Committee has worked hard to acknowledge your efforts in the past four years. As a reminder, all admits are invited to attend the annual Day for Admitted Students. It takes place on Saturday, April 14th and involves a boatload of fun activities that will last you all day long. We sincerely hope you will make William & Mary your official post-high school home. May the admits be ever in your favor!

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