Overcome with Nostalgia

A few weeks ago I was at my sister’s graduation and was hit by a freight-train of nostalgia. There I was, standing at another school’s graduation, watching unknown students, hearing unfamiliar college stories, and reminiscing about my own school, friends, and college stories. I still have an entire year left but I thought about how much I’ve already experienced here.

I remember walking from Barrett Hall to the Sadler Center with my iPod and listening to Noah and the Whale every day. I remember starting a dance party in the corner of the Hall during the Roots concert. I remember going to Fort Lauderdale with the Ultimate team for Spring Break. I remember crossing the ferry to go Strawberry picking with friends. I remember the exact moment I found out my little brother would also be coming here. I remember playing football in the Sunken Gardens, when it was flooded. I remember late night trips to Waffle House. I remember my field trip to the James River with my Geo lab. I remember driving in my friend’s beat-up ’79 Ford Pick-up just to spend time together.

I remember smiles. I remember friends. I remember fondly.

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