Jacinta Das

Jacinta Das
  • Class of 2021
  • Hometown: Falls Church, VA
  • Major(s): CAMS Math Bio
  • Archived Blogger

About Jacinta Das

Jacinta Das studied Computational and Applied Mathematics and Statistics (CAMS) at William & Mary. Jacinta became a member of the tribe in the fall of 2018. She quickly found her place in the campus community as a sister of Phi Mu and a member of the the W&M salsa club. She later became involved with Griffin School Partnerships and the Peer Advising Program. In her spare time, she worked at her church Bruton Parish's nursery as well as at Dancers' Boutique, a shop on Richmond Road.

Posts by Jacinta Das

Rose, bud, thorn

Within a week of arriving at William & Mary, I learned the “rose-bud-thorn” exercise, often used  during reflection in classes and clubs. We’re a

My Social Distancing MVPs

The past ten days of my life could have come straight from a young adult novel. I’m still processing that classes will be online

Wine & Roses

One of my favorite campus involvements is with Canterbury, William & Mary’s Epsicopal Ministry. Last January, I began attending Bruton Parish, the historic Episcopal

How I Stay Motivated During Finals

Finals season is upon us! Swem is crowded, and students are experiencing significant amounts of stress. Fortunately, the holiday break is not far off;

5 ways to de-stress OFF CAMPUS

Somehow, it’s already November, which means it’s getting to be the busiest time of the semester. There are midterms every week, and finals are