How I Stay Motivated During Finals

Finals season is upon us! Swem is crowded, and students are experiencing significant amounts of stress. Fortunately, the holiday break is not far off; we’ve just got to power through these next two weeks. I’ve compiled a list of my strategies for staying motivated. I hope they help!

  1. Set realistic daily goals: I like to plan out my finals season a few weeks ahead, so I know what to expect and can space out the work. By making timelines and setting lots of little goals, I stay on track and feel accomplished at the end every day.
  2. Take advantage of your phone: Although I would not recommend having a phone on your person during study sessions, one of my favorite ways to boost morale during this stressful time is by taking breaks to call the people I love. I regularly call my family and friends from home to remind myself about everything I am looking forward to over break.
  3. Look forward: Even though the end of the semester can drag out, it is a finite amount of time. I keep a countdown on my desk, so I know exactly how many days are left at all times. It is so exciting to watch the count decrease; every minute that passes, you’re one closer to winter break!
  4. Stay grounded: Remind yourself why you are here (and that you’re here for a reason — you deserve to be). Even though exams and papers can be a pain, I love to learn (and if you’re a William & Mary student, you probably do too). It serves me not to forget how much I enjoy the subjects I have chosen to study. If you focus on the content you are striving to master instead of the grade you’re hoping for, it can take the pressure off and make the whole experience more enjoyable.
  5. Bedtime routine: My bedtime routine is sacred, especially during finals. I put my work away, take a hot shower, then give myself between 15 and 30 minutes to do whatever makes me happy– whether that’s reading a book, watching TV, or calling a friend. I am especially grateful for Disney Plus (thank you for coming out when I needed you most).

Best of luck, everyone! It’ll be over soon. 🙂

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