5 ways to de-stress OFF CAMPUS

Somehow, it’s already November, which means it’s getting to be the busiest time of the semester. There are midterms every week, and finals are just around the corner. It can be overwhelming especially for those who live on campus; we’re always surrounded by our stressed-out peers and constant reminders of all the work we have to do. In my experience, it can be extremely helpful to get off campus and away from everything for a little bit — even just a few hours. I’ve taken a minute to create a list of five fun off-campus activities that I recommend every William & Mary student try at some point.

  1. William & Mary Wednesdays: Blackbird Bakery, located less than a five minute walk from the Wren Building, offers discounts to William & Mary students on Wednesdays. Just don’t forget to bring your student ID! In addition, all breads and breakfast items are half-off after 5 PM every day. My favorite at Blackbird is the biscuit, but everything is delicious.
  2. Bruton Parish Free Concerts: Bruton Parish, an Episcopal church located in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg, puts on concerts every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 PM. The concerts are free and open to anyone, regardless of religious persuasion; they’re popular among tourists and locals.
  3. Trivia: Both Brickhouse Tavern and Revolution Golf and Grille host weekly trivia nights. I’d recommend grabbing a few friends, and arriving early to grab a seat (and order food). I’ve had a lot of fun at trivia nights (even though I suck at trivia) in the past; I’ve also gotten to meet some cool, knowledgeable residents I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to meet.
  4. Farmers Market: The Williamsburg Farmers Market, located right in Merchants Square, operates every Saturday 8 AM – 12 PM rain or shine. Honestly, I’ve never bought anything, although there is lots of awesome merchandise for sale including baked items, produce, and even weird stuff like kombucha. I will admit I go just to meet all the dogs that come out; it’s my favorite way to spend a Saturday morning.
  5. Heritage Humane Society: The Heritage Humane Society is an animal shelter that is about a ten minute drive off campus. It’s a fantastic place to volunteer, or, if you’re already over-committed, just to visit. If I don’t wake up in time for the Farmers Market, I usually end up at the shelter, just to get in my weekly dose of playing with animals. My favorite part is the TWO cat-colony rooms, which are exactly what they sound like: there are rooms you can hang out in, and they’re full of cats and cat toys. (Sorry, dog people).

I hope you get to try at least a few of the activities on the list. Maybe it will add some fun to your fall! Ready or not, Thanksgiving Break is only three weeks away.

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