Justin Miller

Justin Miller
  • Class of 2013
  • Hometown: Hampton, VA
  • Archived Blogger

About Justin Miller


My name is Justin Miller and I’m from Hampton, Virginia. I majored in English—but I do not want to teach; I want to work in publishing, somewhere in New York, as a heavily influential editor.

Outside of class I enjoyed sunglasses, hittin’ up the REC, procrastinating with friends, studying in Swem until it closed, discovering new electronic or chill/somewhat heartbreaking acoustic music, laughing cynically while reading Greek, Roman and Shakespearean tragedy, sporadically speaking in French and or Italian, breaking it on the dance floor, and sleeping in the Sunken Garden whenever the weather was favorable. I also liked sitting on the Terrace or outside the Grind and acting as if I was doing work on my laptop when I was really people watching.

In addition to blogging, I was the National Communications Chair (NCC) for the Residence Hall Association (RHA), a Resident Assistant for the RY area, a production assistant for the Flat Hat, and the founder and editor of Rocket, the College’s première art and fashion magazine.

The College was completely amazing, and I am still in awe at its grandeur. The buildings are historically majestic, but equipped with the latest technology; the student body, or, the Tribe, is an amiable community aside from that of Williamsburg itself; professors are approachable, and actually interested in the well-being of their students; and the entire landscape of the College is stunning (Hogwarts, anyone?). Plus, I met friends who truly changed my life. I don’t think I could have chosen a better university to serve as my home and school for four years.



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