Summer 2012 Thus Far

I am currently sitting in the offices of BULLETT Media.  Ah!

I met some of the editors of BULLETT last summer when I grabbed a copy of their magazine in my local Barnes & Noble and sent them an e-mail on a whim (you can read about it in my post entitled ‘Jumping the Bullett‘).  Then back in February I got an e-mail from Juliet Thompson, BULLETT’s Content Director, asking me if I wanted to be an editorial intern.  Of course I accepted.

My tasks always change, which is great because there is nothing more mundane than doing the same thing over and over again.  Researching for an upcoming feature, correcting a story, fixing photos online, or even posting small articles, I tend to stay busy and I am learning a lot.  It is also somewhat intimidating and numbing to be around such creative people: Sah D’Simone, James Orlando, just to name a few.  This office is filled with artistic professionals and there is nothing more inspiring.

This environment has pushed me to think about my own magazine ROCKET not as a mere university publication, but as a brand and media outlet.  I have a lot of goals for ROCKET this upcoming year and I have started thinking in the long term as far as the organization.  But more on that to come.  I’m not giving away any spoilers.  Just get ready.

As you can imagine, living in New York is expensive.  That’s why I am commuting from the quiet, yet ritzy, Darien, CT.  One of my friends and his gracious parents are letting me stay the month or so while I intern in Manhattan.  The commute is about an hour, but that gives me plenty of time to read for my English seminar (yes, we have to start early) and get my thoughts together for a collection of essays I am writing to actually receive academic credit for my internship.  The beloved Professor Nancy Schoenberger, who I took for screenwriting, is overseeing my work; I am excited to see what kind of work I can polish for her.  Sadly, I normally just find myself looking out of the window listening to Lana Del Rey or Frank Ocean.

More to come.

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