Reviewing Before Finals

It’s literally been months since my last post, but I haven’t forgotten about you.

At the moment I’m in the middle of studying passages for an English final tomorrow, and I can’t believe the semester is nearly over. It feels like just yesterday Hurricane Irene was impending upon the College and the freshmen in Yates were squabbling amuck. But because we’ve been departed for quite some time, allow me to recap the gaps:

October: I traveled with a delegation from RHA to the SAACURH conference at Georgia State University. It was my first time in Georgia outside of the bleak Atlanta airport walls. It was enjoyable, but ultimately filled with procrastination, which is the nature of any trip away from the College, unfortunately.

When we arrived in Atlanta, I had a conference call with the Publication Council about ROCKET’s proposal for permanent seat amongst the Council, and after a few days it was official that ROCKET magazine was granted full membership.

Halloween was blurry. Date party after date party, costume after Greek costume, and so much dancing. I was the Greek god Hermes (or his Roman equivalent, Mercury) for every occasion, and my array of dates throughout the weekend included both Daphne and Megara.

November: The week October transitioned into November was filled with anxiety and stress (much like the current finals week). The root of that irritating pressure rests within one word: Registration. Oh, the Furies. Now a junior, I actually managed to triumphantly trounce Banner and slide into my desired classes.

Right now I’m signed up for three seemingly fantastic English classes, a GER 4B, and an aloof class that I’ll most likely discard for another. I still spend time procrastinating on Banner, of course, clicking and scrolling through the pages of classes for something different, something better than what I already have—the perfect schedule, that’s the overarching dream.

And the Potlucks, Pre-Thanksgiving break dinners—the mouth, belly, and eye can only handle so much, but spending time with friends while sharing a meal is always special.

Before break, I attended my first Publication Council meeting and won the position as Chair for next semester. I’m thrilled. Publishing is my passion—it’s legitimately what I want to pursue as a career, and I expect this experience to only further my understanding and love.

Also, the fall issue of ROCKET hits campus this week. I cannot thank the team enough for its ceaseless devotion, and I am excited for you to see the issue.  Here’s a peek at the cover:

Make sure you check it out!

Now: December already, really? Classes are already over, Grand Illumination (not elimination) spectacularly commenced finals week, and the semester is in its final chapter. I don’t like this. I can’t believe I’m nearly 1.5 years away from graduation, away from being plucked from the College and shooed off into the rigid real world.

It’s also a rough time outside of academia because it’s time to start thinking about reapplying to Residence Life, as well as thinking about housing in general. Additionally—and more sentimentally important—a lot of my closest comrades are studying abroad next semester. But trust: any down time, including dull weekends and spring break, will be spent on a plane and in a foreign country. From Scotland, to Spain, and even South Africa, my heart goes out to each of them.


You’ll hear more from me soon, I promise.

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