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Elizabeth Wheless
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I was a double major in German and Government at the College. In my free time, I volunteered at the Heritage Humane Society and worked as a hostess at the Trellis Restaurant and The Royal Chocolate. I also enjoy cooking, reading, pilates and running. I am interested in international relations and hope to intern at a government office. I would like to be a high school teacher. I then plan to go to law school, where I will focus on international law. I was also an intern at the Minority Office of the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform.

Posts by Elizabeth Wheless

Is it really mid-semester?

It's been a long time since I've updated you all on what's going on in the city. I'm a terrible blogger. Things have been moving

New semester, same place

This will be short, because I'm busy and catching a cold. Last semester ended pretty well, and I got a new internship in the last

Government Work Never Ends

I've just had the craziest weeks of my life, I think. I've been so busy with the Committee, doing background memos for Staff Delegations, writing

DC is incredible

I can't get over DC - it's magical and beautiful and there's always something new to do. I've spent the last two weekends exploring with


It's been a while since I've updated the ol' blog - a lot has been going on in DC and life!! A few weeks ago,

Fall Break already?

This week was busy, busy, busy. I prepared a huge report on some 1970s Church Committee findings, which took a lot of my time and

And the week goes on…

This week, I had four days of class. Three of them followed an eight-hour work day. This program is certainly not for the faint of

Dad and the Bailout

This weekend was very busy - my dad came and spent a lot of time doing fun stuff with me. We went out to dinner

Excited, Busy, Nuts

I am excited, busy, nuts, etc. I think every possible feeling that exists has come over me at some point this week, and it's