DC is incredible

I can’t get over DC – it’s magical and beautiful and there’s always something new to do.

I’ve spent the last two weekends exploring with someone new ( 🙂 ) and I’ve loved every moment.

Last weekend, I went to the Air and Space Museum, and learned all about satellites, theories of the universe, drag and lift, the history of commercial airplanes, and more. I played frisbee and walked around the mall until my friend had to get back to the Naval Academy. It was a great time.

On Tuesday, we went to Georgetown, and played frisbee at the waterfront for a while. Then we walked around for a while and went to Georgetown Cupcake and Godiva. MMM…

The week was relatively tame in comparison. I did a lot of work for the Committee, and worked a bunch of important stuff for class. I didn’t have a whole bunch of free time, but I like it that way. I’ve been spending any and all free time at the gym lately, anyways.

Friday was pretty uneventful. I went to class, came home, relaxed, and made cookies. On Saturday, my uncle took me out to get some lunch, and then I did some work. Then Andy (previously mentioned friend) came back and we stayed in and cooked a killer meal.

Today we went to the Newseum, which was amazing. It’s definitely an all-day kind of museum, especially since you have to pay to get in. It’s worth every penny though.

Come to DC, in short. It’s fun, and there’s a never-ending stream of activity to take part in. 🙂

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