Anuarite Mubangu

Anuarite Mubangu
  • Class of 2009
  • Hometown: Alexandria, VA
  • Major(s): Philosophy & Psychology
  • Archived Blogger

About Anuarite Mubangu

I spent 3 amazing years at the College and loved every minute of it. Some people may not buy that, and that’s ok. I’m not here to make believers out of everyone. I will say this, though, the Tribe has come with me on every endeavor I’ve embarked on since my days as an undergraduate. I would not be where I am today without the values instilled in me by the College or the lasting relationships I made while there.

And just where am I, exactly? Well, I’m currently a contracted Marine Corps Officer Candidate, waiting to begin Officer Candidate School. I was a Teach for America Corps member prior to that, but let’s save that story for a blog post!

Still Harking Upon The Gale,

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It’s been over two years since I left the ‘burg for another piece of land, equally steeped in trees and tradition … the Quantico

Guess who’s back?!

Hellooooooooooo prospective students! Forgive my enthusiasm, but I’m very excited to be back at this whole W&M Blog thing. A lot has happened in

What I’ve Learned at The College…

1. You may just end up dating someone from your freshmen hall. Keep that in mind when walking from your room to the bathroom

We Stay Fly, No Lie, We Know This…BALLIN’!

Speakin' of ballers...I pity anyone who wasn't able to see our Women's Basketball team take on Norfolk State last night. What a game! The

Teach for America

I drove on over to Charlottesville Wednesday night for my all-day Teach for American interview on Thursday. I spent all  night going over my

Reality Check…

The pile of roommate agreements on my desk, the endless flow of e-mails in my inbox, and the stack of books on my bedroom floor are

All settled in…

It's my first year as an RA, and since I've got a Freshmen Hall (Woot-Woot Yates 1st Center!!), preparing for their arrival has been nothing short of

Bruised and Beaten…

Every year, the Admissions Office summer interns challenge the Deans to a kickball tournament, and in the past four years, the interns have yet to actually

Helloooo, Mr. Morning…

Nothing like an early morning run to remind you how painfully out of shape you are. Ten minutes down Monticello Road I wondered how I