All settled in…

It’s my first year as an RA, and since I’ve got a Freshmen Hall (Woot-Woot Yates 1st Center!!), preparing for their arrival has been nothing short of hectic. Training lasted a week and usually went from 8am well into the evening. Still, getting to know my fellow RAs was a lot of fun. Randolph-Yates is by far the flyest group of RAs on campus. Not only do we dominate on the kickball field, but we’ve gotten really close over these past few days. I can’t imagine a better group of people to work with.

Training week has come and gone though, the kickball victories are behind us, and our residents have moved in. Not only did move-in go smoothly, but all of my residents are amazing. We had our first hall meeting, and while I won’t disclose exactly what happened, let’s just say that the “dance-off” couldn’t have been a greater success…haha! I can’t say for sure, but my gut instinct tells me that these girls are going to be a handful…and tons of fun. I can’t wait!

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